You pick the style, hook, color and finish and we'll do the rest!

Pony Head Jig Tapered Barb Collar Mold 1/16 (6 cavity)


    When on the tournament trail in search of Crappies, Walleye, or Bass, hitch up a Horse or Pony Head Jig to your rig as an efficient spinner and jig combination. The lure's head, with its long and drooping nose, resembles a horse's head, hence the name. And it doesn't hurt that the shape looks like a larva to the fish.

    Your lures will be more effective if the swivels turn freely, and this means keeping them free of paint. A painted swivel may not rotate, thereby reducing the blade action to that of only a flutter. Carefully paint the jigs with a small brush and avoid getting paint on the swivel. If you spray paint the lures, be sure to cover the swivel.