You pick the style, hook, color and finish and we'll do the rest!

Crappie Kit


This kit has everything you need to go out and start catching fish right away. The Crappie Kit contains 25 - 1/16 oz tube inserts, 10 - 1/16 oz hot pink minnow jig heads, 10 - 1/16 oz chartreuse double barbed round jig heads. It also includes 10 each of the following jig bodies. Black/Chartreuse tube, Chartreuse Pepper tube, White tube, Acid Rain Hot Grub, Blue Ice/ Chartreuse Hot Grub, Monkey Milk Stinger Shad and Popsicle Stinger Shad. This kit helps to eliminate the trouble of trying to choose what items to select by putting together my favorites in one package so that you can focus on catching fish. It comes packaged in a 3600 series Plano box.